Joel Knight

Experienced IT Professional

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Joel Knight


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Current Occupation:

Systems Engineer, CPOC, Cisco Systems



About Me

Detail Oriented

I naturally focus on fine details and firmly believe that taking care of the little things makes a big impact in the end. This is rarely more true than during the planning phase of a project.

Diverse Skillset

My technical interests and experiences are very broad which I compliment with a range of soft skills, particularly when it comes to oral and written communication.

Pride of Ownership

I believe that my work represents me, my brand, and the people I work with so I work hard to ensure I can confidently stand behind and justify my work today, and in the future.



Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert #47321, Routing & Switching


Cisco Certified Design Professional


Cisco Certified Networking Professional, Routing & Switching


Cisco Certified Internetworking Professional

CCNA Voice

Cisco Certified Network Associate, Voice


Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Foundation Level


Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10

Work History

Systems Engineer, CPOC, Cisco Systems 2017 - present

  • Conducting value-focused technology demonstrations and testing for Cisco customers
  • Qualification, planning, and low-level design of demonstrations with a focus on the customer's desired outcomes
  • Focused on supporting Cisco sales teams' efforts to demonstrate the value of Cisco's technology and solutions

Systems Engineer, Sales, Cisco Systems 2012 - 2017

  • Assigned to named accounts in the Calgary area
  • Cooperatively solving business needs with technology solutions
  • Focused on building relationships, establishing trust, and technical excellence

Technical Lead, MEG Energy 2008 - 2012

  • Technical oversight for desktop, compute, storage, network, and security
  • Team of 15 team leads and analysts
  • Strong influence over vendor and technology selection

Network Specialist, TELUS Communications 2005 - 2008

  • Senior network operator responsible for national IP, MPLS, ATM and metro area networks
  • Part-time focus on network build and expansion activities
  • Devops environment utilizing custom scripts and tools for automation and reporting

Network Analyst, Shaw Communications 2003 - 2005

  • 24x7 network operations at Canada's second largest cable company
  • First responder to any and all issues on the network backbone and metro area networks
  • Also responsbile for network documentation and audits

Vertical Focus

Upstream Oil & Gas Focus on production facilities

  • Local and wide-area connectivity in remote, hard-to-reach locations
  • Operating in the field, outside of the "carpet space"
  • Supporting an operations environment and their technology requirements

Midstream Oil & Gas Focus on pipelines

  • Highly available, highly resilient wide area connectivity
  • SCADA and remote I/O control via IP networks
  • Operations and business multi-tenancy with secure segmentation

Transportation Focus on airports

  • Airport operational systems
  • Multi-tenant architectures
  • "IT as a Service" for airport authority, airlines, and tenants

Technical Skill


  • Product positioning, solution design, and technical advisor
  • Competitive analysis
  • Extensive experience with TAC and TAC escalation processes

Network Architecture Beyond just speeds and feeds

  • Marrying business needs with technical solutions
  • Network scalability, service level objectives, and fault isolation
  • Operational processes and network servicability

Cyber Security Security as a mindset

  • Analyzing a system for security weaknesses
  • Secure system design using techniques such as principle of least privilege, modular architecture, and security boundaries
  • Secure web application development and practices

Operating Systems

  • OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux
  • Patching, upgrading, troubleshooting, and tuning
  • Security assessments
  • Devops-style administration with scripts, automation tools, and writing/analyzing operating system source code

Web Technologies

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript development
  • Website skinning and theming
  • Translating visual designs into web code This website is an example
  • Backend platform, middleware, and database operations Both of my blogs are self hosted


  • Relational database schema design
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading
  • Integration via multiple languages and libraries I manage the database backends for all of my websites

System Testing

  • Breaking an overall system down into discrete components
  • Writing detailed test cases for each component
  • Collection, correlation, and presentation of results

Open Source

  • Ansible
  • Cacti
  • MySQL
  • nginx
  • OpenVPN
  • PostgreSQL
  • Wordpress
  • Zabbix



Python, Perl, JavaScript (including jQuery), PHP, SQL, shell scripting, C

OpenBSD Committer

Occasional committer to the OpenBSD source tree

Writing My blog

Networking. Unix. Cyber security. Code. Protocols. System design. Some of the most technical writing I do is on this blog. My blog

Photos and commentary of Wi-Fi installations that I've seen in my travels.

Technical Writing

Original author of the OpenBSD Packet Filter User's Guide, later turned into The OpenBSD Pf Packet Filter Book (ISBN 978-0979034206)